Best Memory Foam Mattress 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

best memory foam mattress reviews

Going out for mattress shopping can be an adventurous experience. Investing in a mattress is not just for a shallow gain like comfort but also a long-term solution for the impact it has on your health. It may have a negative impact on your day-to-day life if you do not select a product that doesn’t suit your body. With our extensive guide to selecting your next best memory foam mattress, you can rest assured that your choice will be better informed. There is, obviously, no scarcity of options on the internet and hence your informed choice can make a huge difference.

There are numerous variations in material, density, utility, and style in the products available on the market and you have all the access at your fingertips. Our research, that involved multiple tests and filters, will give you a good idea of what you’d want from your memory foam mattress.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Comparison Table

Serial NoImageProductSpecificationsPrice
1Eluxury for Cool Night’s Rest
Complete 10-year warranty
120 days trial offer
Check Price
2Bear Mattress - The Special Mattress for the athletic10-year conditional warranty
100 nights trial offer
Check Price
3Alexander Signature Select20-year conditional warranty
100 days trial offer
Check Price
4Layla for Added Value3 inch high-density copper-infused memory foam
Lifetime warranty
120 days trial offer
Check Price
5Amerisleep Liberty -The Ecofriendly option2 inches of transition foam
20 years warranty
100 nights trial offer
Check Price
6Novosbed - Premium comfort3.7 to 5 pound density
Extra support layer
15-year warranty
120 days trial offer
Check Price
7Brentwood Bamboo Gel 13 : Small budget comfort2 inche Airluxe Ventilated Layer
25-year warranty
120 nights trial offer
Check Price
8Tempurpedic Cloud Prima - Premium Luxury Tempur-ES Material Comfort Layer
Conditional 10-year warranty
90 nights trial offer
Check Price
9Eve Mattress2 inch memory foam layer with 2.5 pound density
10-Year warranty
100 days trial offer
Check Price
10The Ameena range - Contributing to social causes2 inches of premium ENERGEX Foam
10-Year warranty
120 days trial offer
Check Price

Things To Consider Before Buying Memory Foam Mattress

The Feel

Generally, people are attracted to the concept of memory foam just because of its distinctive feel. Memory foam has the tendency to bounce back to its original shape very slowly when compared to other mattress materials. This exceptional response by memory foam can be attributed to its materialistic nature. When memory foam undergoes deformation, it displays both elastic as well as viscous properties.

When physical pressure or body heat is applied to memory foam, you start sinking into it. Memory foam can envelop your body shape to perfection. This property has many medical benefits for people who suffer from chronic back pain. As the memory foam takes shape of your body, the number of pressure points are dramatically reduced, and you are able to retain the correct spinal posture.

History Of Memory Foam

Memory foam was not intended to be a part of the furnishing industry. It was invented for some other application altogether. Not many people this, but NASA had introduced the memory foam material as an alternative to traditional safety materials for spacecrafts. The aim was to have a protection lining to reduce shock in case of a crash event and enhance the overall safety of passengers.

However, it was quickly noticed by manufacturers who recognized the what the material had to offer in the consumer realm. The simple feeling of ‘sinking into your bed’ became its unique selling point and the demand grew drastically.

Properties Of Memory Foam Material

Let us collectively ‘sink in’ to the properties of the memory foam material so that you know which product in the market suits you the best.

We’ll also scan through a few variations of the products available on the market that you can choose along with our personal favorite choices that we think will work for you.

The Reason Why You Will Not Find an All-Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam the unique ability to give you the ultimate comfort with its ‘sinking in’ feeling. It is on top of every list in the furnishing industry when it comes to comfort. This begs for the question of why can’t we have a mattress completely made from memory foam. It sounds obvious, right?

Well, true comfort can be experienced when your back is properly aligned when you sleep. However, a mattress made completely from memory foam will fail to do so. It responds to the pressure offered by your body and the body heat without any consideration of the right posture. On the other hand, traditional materials offer strict and necessary support to your back without considering your body shape and hence, comfort.

That is why, it is wise to combine the two and get the best of both worlds to be at the receiving end of true comfort. For the same reason, manufacturers layer memory foam, that is used as a good agent to relieve the stress on your back, with traditional mattress materials to create the ultimate resting experience.

Cooling and Response Properties of Memory Foam:

Despite being an irresistible proposition, memory foam’s properties can be a big turn-off for certain customers. For instance, the sinking feeling into a memory foam mattress can make moving in it difficult. One would have to spend more energy on moving which can get annoying.

Additionally, the conventional memory foam captures body heat and this increases the temperature while you are on the bed. This poses to be an undesirable effect as the deeper you go into your sleep; the body needs to attain lower temperatures.

However, the manufacturers have been working on this issue for years and have come up with numerous innovations to tackle this challenge. Similar to the innovation of layering up traditional materials with memory foam solved the mobility issue, the industry has made enormous development in the heat transfer technology to deal with the hot-sleeping tendency of the memory foam. Currently, there are tons of products on the market that have successfully tackled and even eradicated the problem.

You will surely come across gel-infused memory foams when you are shopping for the right product online. This gel is part of the mattress to absorb all the body heat that you render and gives a cooler experience while sleeping.

The distinction between gel-infused products and gel beads is an important one

The introduction of gel beads in the furnishing industry is a neat and smart innovation. However, the number of gel beads in a mattress are finite. This means that the overall capacity of the gel beads mattress is also finite. After the mattress with gel beads crosses the limits of its capacity, the bed starts to warm up. Hence, if you cannot tolerate a hot bed, you are better off with a gel-infused product.

Firmness and Indentation Load Deflection Properties of Memory Foam

The most variable and subjective preferences in any mattress material come to its firmness. Different people have a different liking to this factor and that’s why most manufacturers keep options for you to select your preference.

It is, therefore, important to understand the firmness factor in terms of memory foams to make an apt selection. Here is a thumb-rule that can be followed as a starting point to understand what firmness factor suits you best.

If you often sleep on your stomach, it is wise to choose a firm memory foam mattress so that your face does not sink in too deep in it.

If you sleep on your back, you should opt for a memory foam mattress of medium firmness.

On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, you can either choose a mattress of medium or soft firmness, according to your comfort zone.

For people who do not have a specific preference for sleeping positions, one way to determine the appropriate firmness is your Body-Mass Index (BMI). Calculating your BMI is very easy with multiple tools available online. After calculating your BMI, the following chart can guide you to choose the appropriate firmness factor.

The Trick to Determine the Firmness of Memory Foam Mattress when Shopping Online

Online shopping can get tricky with the different nomenclatures used by different manufacturers. Usually, manufacturers offer firmness choices between plush, medium and firm mattresses.

Some manufacturers provide a questionnaire to be filled out by you. This form is specifically designed to enable the company to calculate the appropriate firmness you desire. Still, there might be some areas that can be located to precision when you have a scale to refer to. Such a reference scale is called as Indentation Load Deflection.

The testing includes a foam sample of dimensions 15 inches x 15 inches, with a thickness of 4 inches. A circular indenter of area 50 square inches is placed on the foam block and the material is compressed to 25% of its thickness. The process includes computerized measurements and calculations and gives a precise reading of your requirement. Check out the video below for more information:

The ILD tests give a number as the output. These numbers reflect the intrinsic properties of the material. Once you are able to understand what the numbers mean in line with your comfort requirements, you can be sure that you will opt for the appropriate mattress.

For the softest of the memory foam mattresses, the ILD is 25 or lesser.

For a memory foam mattress of medium firmness, ILDs between 25-31 can be suitable.

If you want a firmer mattress for your sleeping requirements, ensure that the ILD exceeds 31.

It is important to know that the ILD readings for different layers in a layered mattress vary. The comfort layer has a lower ILD reading while the support layers have ILDs on the higher side. The right combination of these layers will give you your perfect resting experience.

The Ingredients of a Quality Memory Foam Mattress

To ensure that the mattress you buy has the longest lifespan, be prepared to invest judiciously. At the end of it all, you get what you pay for. If you decide to spend very frugally on your memory foam mattress, you will automatically doom yourself for imminent disappointment. There are surprisingly cheaper solutions in the market that might catch your eye. However, they prove to be a massive disappointment when it comes to durability.

It is wise to save up for the product you deserve instead of going on a hasty shopping spree. However, if you are looking for a temporary option for your needs, the following guideline can be of immense help.

The Density of the Mattress

Durability and quality of a mattress cannot be kept apart. The important parameter to watch out for is the ‘density’ of the material. The density of the material in the mattress will eventually determine the durability of the product. Every layer has its distinctive density. Usually, the comfort layer experiences most of the wear and tear and its density needs to be under scrutiny before any purchase. Look out for the one where the density of the comfort layer is on the higher side.

The density values of memory foam are completely different from other traditional materials and hence it is wise to learn about them. For example, a highly durable polyfoam has a density of 29 kilograms per cubic meters.

However, this number goes up to 64 kg/m3 to 80kg/m3 for memory foams to be considered durable.

Choices Better Than Memory Foams:

Memory foams champion durability when compared to polyfoams due to its unique and compression properties. However, for a higher price, you can opt for materials that can last longer than memory foams. These include High-Quality Innersprings, Natural Fibres, and Latex.

The All-Important Thickness and Compression Modulus

Memory foams made its mark in the realm of consumerism due to its distinguished ‘feel’. The feel has the most impact on a person’s experience. This experience, though, is mostly attributed to the thickness of the memory foam layer. If the layer is too thin, the satisfaction gained is reduced. According to our tests and experience, we recommend that you choose a product where the memory foam layer is no less than two inches to experience the magic of memory foams.

You should also know how deep you’ll sink in to the mattress because the more you compress it, the firmer it will become. This is known to be the material’s Compression Modulus.

Top Memory Foam Mattress – Buyers Guide And Reviews

Memory Foam Types

Before deciding on which foam mattress works best, let’s get acquainted with the basic types of mattress foams available in the market. These types differ in material, feel and impact, so knowing their features will help you make a smarter choice for yourself.

The traditional memory foam

This variant is the customary memory foam that focuses on giving your body maximum support while sleeping. This support offers comfort, and also ensures better circulation throughout the body. It is gentle on the knees and other joints, so you don’t have to worry about waking up with joint pain.

One downside of the traditional variant is that it locks body heat very quickly and tightly. Over time, the heat absorbed by this type of mattress may make it less comfortable.

Gel Memory Foam

If some extra heat is something you wish to avoid, there’s always the gel memory foam and the open cell memory foam.

The gel option is great at adjusting temperatures and releasing the extra heat. It is also known to be helpful in reducing the pressure on specific areas of the body, as gel memory foam offers gentle and even support.

Open Cell Memory Foam

The open cell memory foam is also great for temperature control. It gets rid of the trapped heat easily and has been a favorite among many sleep-lovers.

The feature that defines open cell memory foam is that it offers enough resistance to body weight so that one does not feel ‘sucked into’ the mattress, as opposed to many other extremely soft and fluffy mattresses.

Although there are some great options to choose from in each of the above categories, it surely doesn’t imply that memory foam is the best kind of mattress type for your body and sleep characteristics. A mattress is usually bought with the goal that it should last for the next few years, and so it would be wise to consider the other types of mattresses as well before deciding on one.

Our List of Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses Reviews

To choose the best memory foam mattress from various mattresses with different specifications can be overwhelming, so our careful selection of the best options might come in handy. Our recommendations are based on the quality, pricing and other factors including the duration of the warranty and others benefits.

Eluxury for Cool Night’s Rest

Stays cool: This is one of the best variations that offer temperature control and stays cool and comfortable for a long time.

Cover: The cover of this highly durable mattress foam is easy to wash and maintain.

Value for money: With the above features and minimal off-gassing, Eluxury for Cool Night’s Rest is one of the most reasonably priced foam mattresses, unless you do not prefer mattresses that are too fluffed or spongy.

Other specifications:

  • 7 inch high-density with optimum support
  • 3” gel memory foam
  • Complete 10-year warranty
  • 120 days trial offer

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The Special Mattress for the athletic – Bear Mattress

Pumps up the oxygen levels: This mattress foam features resin made from millions of tiny celliant minerals, that will pump oxygen into body tissues, keeping them healthy.

For the physically active: If you love working out, playing sports or enjoy other physical activities, this variant takes care of your muscles and joints and helps you wake up feeling rejuvinated.

For relief in medical conditions: This mattress will bring a lot of comfort and better sleep for people who have arthritis, muscle tears, high blood sugar levels, or even congestive heart failure.

Other specifications:

  • 6.5 inch Foam Base with 1.8 pound density
  • 1 inch Quick Response Foam Layer Two with 3 pound density
  • 1.5 inches Quick Response Foam Layer One with 3 pound density
  • 1 inch Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam with 4 pound density
  • 10-year conditional warranty
  • 100 ghts trial offer

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Alexander Signature Select

Caters to specifications: If you have a very specific requirement in mind in terms of support and firmness, there’s a good chance you’ll find exactly what you are looking for in the Alexander Select Range.

More layers for extra comfort: The mattresses in this range come with 5 layers of foam, a feature than not many brands offer.

Pricing: For the quality and attention to detail that this range offers, it is affordably priced, and wins in comparison to other more expensive brands.

Touch and feel: In addition to its technical brilliance, including no off-gassing and unmatched options in firmness, the top surface of every mattress in this range is very soft to touch.

The only downside could be that the elaborate design of this range makes it bulkier than others, hence it might be difficult to shift its position from time to time.

Other specifications:

  • 4” edge support base foam
  • 4” gel foam memory foam
  • 2” Smartflow foam
  • 2” soft quilted foam
  • 1” Visco foam
  • 20-year conditional warranty
  • 100 days trial offer

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Layla For Added Value

Copper infusion: This mattress is unique since it pioneered dual-sided infusion of copper in foam mattresses, the prime advantage is improved blood circulation.

Relief from pain: The copper that enhances the circulation of clood throughout the body also helps in relieving pains and aches in various areas, facilitating a pleasant sleep.

Flippable: Both sides of the mattress can be used to suit different needs. The firm side is helpful for support and reducing pain, while the soft side is suitable for people who weigh relatively less.

Stays cool: Apart from having two versatile sides of support and a soft cover-layer, the mattress also releases heat and remains cool for longer.

Other specifications:

  • 6 inch convoluted base layer
  • 1 inch comfort layer
  • 3 inch high-density copper-infused memory foam
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 120 days trial offer

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The Ecofriendly option: Amerisleep Liberty

Less petroleum: Mattresses designed by Amerisleep have a lot of plant-based material in them, reducing their dependency on petroleum.

Smaller carbon footprint: Along with the use of nature-based material, the memory foam used in these mattresses pioneers zero emission of harmful molecules into the air owing to its uniquely designed chamber and the variable pressure foaming procedure.

Carbon filters: These mattresses contain carbon filters that eliminate harmful chemicals from the absorbed air before releasing it back into the atmosphere, thus maintaining the purity of air.

Celliant technology: Similar to the Bear Mattress that is ideal for athletic people, this range also uses celliant resin to relieve muscle and joint pain, while helping in maintaining healthy oxygen levels in the blood.

Easy maintenance: Unlike many other mattresses, there is no initial odor attached to the Liberty range, and they are also very easy to wash and clean.

Other specifications:

  • 7 inch Bio-Core Support Foam
  • 3 inches of Bio-Pur Foam
  • 2 inches of transition foam
  • 20 years warranty
  • 100 nights trial offer

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Premium comfort – Novosbed for Value

Airflow: The airflow density of a mattress says a lot about the level of support that it provides, and its capacity to induce deep sleep. This type of mattress features an ultra-dense airflow, which is better than many other options available in the market.

Add-on support: In addition to the high-end air density, these mattresses have an extra layer exclusively for enabling cradled support.

Maintenance: Like Amerisleep Liberty mattresses, this range is devoid of any unpleasant smell suring the unacking stage or initial days of usage. Also, the cover is easily washable.

Other specifications:

  • 3.7 to 5 pound density
  • Extra support layer
  • 15-year warranty
  • 120 days trial offer

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Small budget comfort: Brentwood Bamboo Gel 13

Affordable: While gel memory foam mattresses tend to be expensive, this variant offers the same kind of comfort within a tighter budget.

Therapeutic support: Bamboo Gel offers the same level of support as its more expensive competitors, and facilitates sleep without interruption of pain.

Stays cool: With the gel technology, this mattress is one of the rare small-budget memory foam mattresses that do not tend to heat-up over time.

The only drawbacks of this type of mattress are that it might be less durable in the long run, however, it has a reasonable long warranty period to cover for wear and tear.

Other specifications:

  • 7 ½ inches Therapeutic Foam
  • 3 ½ inches Gel memory Foam with 3-pound density
  • 2 inches Airluxe Ventilated Layer
  • 25-year warranty
  • 120 nights trial offer

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Premium Luxury – Tempurpedic Cloud Prima

All-in-one: This product wraps all the advantages of a good mattress in one. Whether your preference is more comfort, or more support, or temperature control, the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima is a versatile product that caters to those needs.

Premium: This variant is for those who do not mind a slightly higher price in order to gain premium quality sleep combined with technology and durability.

Weight: While some other types of mattresses can be difficult to sleep in, especially for people who weigh more than average, this mattress adapt to different body weights to offer equal comfort.

Sleeping positions: Usually, the posture of sleeping determines whether a certain kind of mattress is suitable for an individual or not. In the case of this mattress, it works well for all the three major sleeping postures.

Other specifications:

  • Base Layer with 5.3-pound density
  • Tempur-Material Support Layer
  • Tempur-ES Material Comfort Layer
  • Conditional 10-year warranty
  • 90 nights trial offer

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Eve Mattress

Resistant to the ‘sinking’ feeling: Memory foam mattresses are known to capture impressions of the body and their highly spongy material gives the user a feeling of being ‘sunken into’ the bed, which can be uncomfortable at times. The Eve Mattress is a good alternative to these mattresses since it offers firmer support and comfort.

The bounce effect: The mattress contains the perfect degree of bounce, that counters the pressure of weight and makes it easy to turn, move or switch positions in bed.

Alignment support: Given its firmness, the mattress ensures that the spine remains aligned and undamaged by the softness of the foam.

Value for money: These great features come at a slightly higher price, however, the comfort and safety it provides makes the cost worthwhile.

Other specifications:

  • 6.5-inch support foam base layer with 1.5-pound density
  • 1.5-inch layer of responsive memory foam with 3-pound density
  • 2-inch memory foam layer with a 2.5-pound density
  • 10-Year warranty
  • 100 days trial offer

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Contributing to social causes – The Ameena range

Charitable contributions: For every bed purchased by a customer, one more is donated to the Habitat for Humanity Initiative. Under this arrangement, one shelter or charity will benefit from every sale made by the brand.

Heat control: Using a very special gel technology, these mattresses feature the Thermaphase Gel Memory Foam, which is known to be no less than 7 times more efficient in heat reduction, when compared to the average memory foam mattresses.

Rejuvenation: In addition to heat release, the foam does an excellent job of combining comfort, softness, and support, enabling the user to wake up feeling well-rested and rejuvenated.

Alignment: Just like Eve Mattresses, the Ameena mattresses also ensure spinal alignment, protecting the back against damage.

Other specifications:

  • 6-inch breathable base foam
  • 2 inches of premium gel memory foam
  • 2 inches of premium ENERGEX Foam
  • 10-Year warranty
  • 120 days trial offer

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So there’s our shortlist of memory foam mattresses you might want to consider. While we highly recommend the ones that are versatile and all-in-one, there are also options to choose from if the budget is smaller.

Similarly, if the goal is to find a mattress that is soft and firm and enables pain relief, there are a lot of brands listed above to choose from. Whatever the goal, the above guide will hopefully help you make a smart, informed choice to give you a perfect night’s sleep after a hard day’s work.