Thickness And Density Of Memory Foam Mattress Topper-Buyer’s Guide

Introduction To The Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are used to support the body and provide additional level of comfort. Sitting over the top of a mattress, it also ensures proper protection for the mattress. If you are looking to buy a memory foam mattress topper, proper understanding about thickness and density of the mattress topper is required. However, it was never easy to find out the right kind of mattress. It is tougher to get your hands onto right type of memory foam mattress topper. In this regard, the target of this paper is to make you knowledgeable about various important aspect of the memory foam mattress topper including its thickness as well as density.

The memory foam has lots of proven benefits over traditional mattress toppers. The traditional mattress toppers are built of polyurethane that may give rise to unpleasant odors. In addition, it is also linked closely to the development of health issues like nausea, headache and allergic reaction. On the other hand, the memory foam mattress topper comes up with supportive and comfortable memory foam gel. It also ensures therapeutic benefits for joints as well as muscle problems. As the name suggests, the memory foam mattress toppers has the ability of memorizing the body posture. In addition, it helps to keep the body in a supportive posture while using.

When it comes to the purchase of a memory foam mattress topper, it is important to know about the correct size, density and thickness which may match your requirement and provide ultimately relaxation. Let us enter into our definitive guide to thickness and density of a memory foam mattress topper.

Selecting the Proper Thickness

A memory foam topper comes up with three types of thickness options. It could have been 2 to 4 inches thick while 2 inches being the thinnest one and 4 inches being the thickest one. The memory foam topper having 3 inches thickness is a medium sized one.

A memory foam topper with 2 inches of thickness is the thinnest one and it would provide a little less comfort as well as luxury in relation to the medium and thick mattresses. It would be perfect for getting a soft and supportive sleeping experience.

Memory foam with 3 inches of thickness is the most frequently chosen one. It has the capability to deliver an additional level of soft surface. Moreover, it is able to provide support to the backbone and neck. According to the body curves, this mattress topper could memorize the body shape better. Should you like to get a memory foam mattress topper with an extra soft and extra supportive feel, this type of topper could have been the best.

4 inches of thickness is the softest memory foam topper you could ever get and it is also the most luxurious option available for the user. Might you have been looking for a quality foam mattress topper with the highest standard available, memory foam topper with a 4 inch thickness would be your pick. It is completely dedicated to support the full body shape as well as weight.

Here, you should make your choice according to the comfort level you are expecting.

Selecting The Proper Density Of A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The density determines the extent of support, comfort as well as warmth the memory foam topper is going to deliver. In total, there are three types of density levels available. Toppers having density of 3 pounds per cubic ft. is the least dense one and the toppers with density of 6 pounds per cubic ft. is the densest one. 4 to 5 inches of density lies in the mid-level.

Memory foam toppers with density of 3 pounds per cubic ft. are soft as well as least dense ones. This type of toppers will have 3 pounds of weight per cubic ft. As it will have less dense memory gel, it will be more lightweight. It will also be melting down very quickly with body temperature. It would also require less time for readjusting the body posture. That is why, should you look for a lightweight and quick to adjust memory foam topper, this one could suit your requirement.

A density of 4 to 5 inches is perfect for getting supportive function with an added level of comfort. In addition, this type of topper will take a little bit more time to melt down. It could capture the memory of a body shape for longer duration. This type of topper comes up with a medium weight and a little firmer option. This firmer and softer memory toppers are one of the most frequently chosen types.

Toppers with a density of 6 pounds per cubic ft. ensures the softest experience and the highest quality. It is capable of supporting the body for a longer period. In addition, it could be able to keep the body posture for a longer period. In addition to being the softest, it is also the heaviest and the stiffest. This is why it would take the longest period of time for melting down. Also for confirming the body posture, it will take the longest period of time. Whether you are suffering from arthritis or joint pain, this type of toppers could serve you the best. If you do require stress and pain relief of pressure points of the body, this type of topper could have been of great help. To ensure the softest experience, the highest standard and the best quality, this type has no alternative at all.


By now, you should be well known to each and every type of thickness and density of the memory foam mattress along with their uses. The thickness of three inches and density of 4 pounds per cubic ft. are the criteria of the most popular ones. A memory foam with a thickness of three inches is also essential for health issues. On the other hand, the density of 6 pounds per cubic ft. is the most luxurious and the most costly option.